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Community Based Seasonal Retail

Tackling the elements in outdoor Venues


Historically commercialisation in outdoor shopping centre’s has proven to be more challenging than in indoor venues as any retailer/promoter has to tackle the elements before the competition. Forum were tasked with finding appropriate operators for a community based centre in South Wales that would not only be sustainable but act as a footfall draw at different times of the year.


Forum developed a relationship with a local family firm who bring wooden catering and gift chalets to the Centre to add a festive feel over the winter months. Social media was also used to target other local food operators to fill available space throughout the year.


A variety of retailers were attracted to the Centre over the summer months from a vegan ice cream seller to a coffee cart. Sloppy Joe’s Street food have become an established presence throughout the year and have brought a new customer to the Centre as a result of their large social media following. Their initial post announcing their first date in the Centre received 225 likes and 41 comments on Facebook.